Lab 3

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Learning Objectives

We're going to do two things today:

  • A mini-lecture on some best practices for PCB layout
  • Team work and preparation for next week's review

PCB layout best practice

We'll have ~30 min for this.

Team meeting

Now, onto our main event. Use this lab time to work on your specifications, system diagram, and testing plan in preparation for the first set of presentations next Wed February 28 in Lab04. This may also involve prototyping during lab, and/or specifying parts to order.

Details on the review are in Review 1 page.

Milestones and deliverables

A staff member will go over each of your lab03 milestones and deliverables, which will be graded.

You will also want to update your milestones & deliverables for the next two weeks. Next week is the review, so we will not grade milestones separately, but you will want to update for future weeks.